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5 X 1000

Support TUR.ACCE.S. with your 5 x 1000!
TUR.ACCE.S. - Accessible and Social Tourism Promotion is a non-profit organization, registered in the Regional Register of Social Promotion Associations of Liguria Region, which works to promote accessible tourism and as a means of social integration also of people with special needs , such as the disabled and the elderly, with the aim of improving the quality of life of members through travel, cultural and group activities.

We ask you to support our projects by assigning your 5 x 1000 to our Association.

How to do?
Put your signature in the box "support for the voluntary and non-profit organizations of social utility, of social promotion associations" and enter the tax code of our Association:


Earmark 5 x 1000 to TUR.ACCE.S. There is no cost for you, since it is a tax rate to which the state gives. If not effettuerai no choice, your 5 x 1000 will go to the state, it is therefore not an additional tax.
The 5 x 1000 does not replace the 8 x 1000, which is a tax intended for different purposes.
Word of mouth! Convince even your family, relatives and friends to give their 5 x 1000 to TUR.ACCE.S
The Staff of TUR.ACCE.S. he thanks you

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