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TUR.ACCE.S., in addition to the classic wheelchairs, has specific and special aids to facilitate walking to elderly people or with physical problems that can allow the active participation and without limitations to external activities that the Association organizes periodically.             

Portable fiberglass ramp for overcoming architectural barriers    
This aid allows you to be transported comfortably inside a backpack or stored in the back of a wheelchair and allows, quickly, to overcome differences in levels for those who have difficulties in walking or for those who are on a wheelchair.    
The fiberglass aid allows the passage of a person on a wheelchair and any accompanying person up to more than 300Kg., and even more important the passage of a person on a chair with electric wheels which turns out to be very heavy due to the battery body.

Four wheel portable electric scooter
This aid allows you to move comfortably and quickly without any effort. In addition to the portable ramp described above, it is possible to cover routes with different levels.
The electric scooter, increasingly used by elderly people or by those with reduced mobility in the lower limbs, allows them to be fully involved in outdoor activities, just unthinkable a few years ago.
TUR.ACCE.S. has a "portable" model, that  can be disassembled and reassembled quickly in pieces and placed in a trunk of a car or a bus; it has four wheels and not three, thus making it much more stable and secure.

Folding sticks with seat
This aid has a dual function: a stick to facilitate walking for the elderly or those peolple with minor walking problems  but also useful to seat and stop anywhere at any time.
The folding stick with built-in seat when closed looks like a normal walking stick that, thanks to a simple and ingenious system, can be opened and become a comfortable seat.

J.O.B. Chair
J.O.B. is a chair for the transport of disabled and elderly people suitable for the sea, snow or off-road trekking. It is equipped with a pair of wheels designed for easy transport on all types of surfaces (sand, pebbles, snow).
The only chair that allows you to enter the water while remaining comfortably sit because it is built with alloy materials. It is completely disassembled for transport, so it can also be used in small vehicles.
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