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The Association of Social Promotion "TUR.ACCE.S. - Accessible and Social Tourism Promotion" was established to carry out non-profit social activities with full respect for freedom and dignity of all the members, according to principles of democracy and equality. The association promotes and implements tourist and cultural activities, aggregating and involving all the members, including people with special needs, in order to develop the culture of integration, equality and solidarity in the belief that the differences of a single one can become resources for all.
TUR.ACCE.S. since its birth has been involved in affordable and social tourism for its members by organizing tourist activities, data research, disclosure of best practices, training, project development.
Thanks to the experience gained in these years the Association has developed unique skills such as:
- Accompanying with a special care and with unique skills people with reduced mobility and /or people belonging to the third and the fourth age.
- Special attention to paths, accommodation, transportation as to regard architectural barriers.
- "Special Events", qualified guides for tourists with special needs such as disability or minor third and fourth age.
- Slow Travels, designed for those who will not or can not "run", allowing tourists to live a mindful experience of a hassle free travel. A slow travel provides special attention, for example, more assistance and when necessary the presence at Special Events.
- Aids to facilitate the travel experience.
TUR.ACCE.S. enrolled to the Register of Associations of Social Promotion of the Region Liguria, is a founding member of the FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming of 'Handicap) Liguria, adheres to the City Council for the Disabled and the Province of Genoa and is a member of FITe.L. (Italian Federation of Free Time), with over 1.26 million members throughout the country between Associations, Cral, clubs, etc...

TUR.ACCE.S. is based on the Italian  laws governing Social Promotion Associations (National Law 383/2000, Law 30/2004 and subsequent Liguria Region. Regulations, Liguria Law 47/2009, 42/2012) and based on the laws that regulate Tourism (National Law 1084/1977, Legislative Decree 111/1995, Law 428/90 Community design, Legislative Decree 392/1991, the National Law 135/2001, the National Law 217/1983, Read Liguria 28/1997, 33/1999, 44/2001, 7/2014) is authorized to promote and advertise confidential holidays to its members, collecting membership and participation fees. Tourist activities are carried out in collaboration with the Travel Agency or Tour Operator.

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