TUR.ACCE.S. - Promozione Turismo Accessibile e Sociale

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"TUR.ACCE.S. - Accessible and Social Tourism Promotion" is a Social Promotion Association that organizes educational, cultural and implements projects for its members taking into account the special needs of one such as disability or other particular conditions like for example allergies, food allergies, special diets, etc.
TUR.ACCE.S. therefore believes in carrying these free time activities out as a helpful resource for the culture of integration.

Since its birth the Association has been  involved in affordable and social tourism for its members by organizing data research, promoting, best practices, training, project development.

TUR.ACCE.S. deals with:
- accessible tourism, that is, the set of services and facilities enabling people with special needs to enjoy their leisure time without obstacles and difficulties (people with special needs can be people with disabilities, people with dietary requirements or allergies, people belonging to the third and fourth age);

- social tourism, that is, the set of tourism activities responding to a widespread need for relationship, tourism for all (families, children, elderly). A new model for social tourism aiming to promote a high quality tourism more focused on human contacts and on the desire to create opportunities for cultural enrichment, promotion and enhancement of territorial resources.

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