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Think, plan, design, implement, organize, solve ...  are all necessary steps to  realize  a structured and serious project.

TUR.ACCE.S.  implements projects aimed at developing new strategies for tourism  of  high quality

Project You X You
The "You X You" (Tourism for All) aims to contribute to the  diffusion  and promotion of accessible tourism that, in the only Europe,  count millions of potential special tourists still unable to enjoy travel, leisure, entertainment because  services and facilities are not yet  adequate to offer them  suitable opportunities.
Through contacts with associations all over the world,  TUR.ACCE.S will promote accessible tourism in our country, and especially in the Region Liguria, but it will  also develop partnerships with foreign Nations.

Project TUR.I.S.M.O.
The project "TUR.I.S.M.O." (Italian Social Tourism Original Destinations), will include a series of barrier-free tourist and cultural destinations,  still unknown to the general public but  offering services and facilities for visiting original sites with natural and cultural features, that prove to be a pleasant discovery ... for your wallet too.
The project aims at grouping these original sites  on a national base.

Project Power Search
The "Power search"  project  has two principal  aims:
First:  the use of  free time and tourist activities  as a time to meet and exchange experiences   with other  associations, to rest and  relax, but at the same to discuss, to talk and even support one another.
Second: the  exploit of leisure and tourism as a  mean for researching  volunteers and for better understanding how to organize the existing structure.

TUR.ACCE.S. ability in designing is at disposal to develop a network with other projects on  national and international basis.
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